It’s Episode Six of Season Eight of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan Pope, Martin Wimpress & Laura Cowen (but this time, no Mark Johnson) are connected and speaking to your brain.

In this week’s show:

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1 Comment » for S08E06 – Leonard Part 6
  1. Cormac says:

    Hi guys. I always love the show, have you thought of getting Martin to fill in for Tony on the gaming news slot?

    I have managed to sell out completely to Linux in recent years:
    The first Laptop I bought that had Ubuntu installed by the OEM was a cheapish 11″ Asus Eee-PC for my wife. It was only sold on the German Amazon site and had a German keypad, which I ‘upgraded’ to a UK layout with stickers. It had 12.04 installed and I have upgraded, with no issues at all, to every version up to 14.10. Bring on Ubuntu-Mate now for an upgrade to 15.04!

    I have since bought a Cirrus7 Nimbus, which is an awesome fan less peice of pure beauty. This is my main hub and media box.

    Then last year I paid the rediculous Irish import duty on a System 76 Galago Ultrapro for my primary work laptop and while it cost more than I needed to pay I was much happier to give (most) of my money to guys who make Linux machines than some big corporation who will give you no support if you wipe windows to install Linux.

    This has all been type (a little tediously) on my bq Aquaris Ubuntu Edition!

    Keep up the good work, at least until Popey is 50.