It’s Episode Twenty-four of Season Eight of the Ubuntu Podcast! Laura Cowen, Martin Wimpress, and Alan Pope are back with Stuart Langridge!

In this week’s show:

  • We chat about why Laura doesn’t like webapps on the Ubuntu Phone and we get a more qualified view from app developer Stuart.
  • We go over your feedback, including Ubuntu Phone notes from Pete Cliff.
  • We have a command line love, Comcast from Jorge Castro.
  • We chat about getting a Picade, playing with Jasper, and controlling a Nexus 6 with Pebble Time whilst listening to podcasts on the move.


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2 Comments » for S08E24 – Epic Movie
  1. David says:

    I find at present that webapps often go blank, the screen goes completely white and it has stopped working which is not acceptable. Ubuntu Phone needs to be fixed in regards to this. Native apps are better than webapps as they are less likely to fail. And webapps only work if your connection is on and working.

  2. pixelatedpete says:

    Thanks for the really interesting discussion around WebApps.

    Sounds like you’re saying there are two types – apps that use Web technology (HTML/CSS for presentation and JS for the logic) and apps that just present the Web.

    There are some very good examples of the apps that use Web technology including the Atom editor on the desktop. However, I think apps that present Web pages are doomed to nearly always be disappointing – not because they are bad but because they promise an experience greater than using the browser but do not deliver.

    Would it be fair to say then that the Ubuntu Edition phones then are aiming to be a platform for the former (which bodes well), but currently there are too many of the latter?