It’s Episode Thirty-four of Season Eight of the Ubuntu Podcast! With Mark Johnson, Laura Cowen, Martin Wimpress, and Alan Pope!

In this week’s show:

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4 Comments » for S08E34 – Manos: The Hands of Fate
  1. nadrimajstor says:

    In bash one can use Alt+. to bring back last option(s).

  2. Enrique says:

    Love your show. Though I didn’t understand when you guys (and yes Gals also) were talking about some sort of popper that you can put in the microwave instead of frying??? As we say here in the States: “We don’t have that there food in this here place.”

    I heard Martin and Alan (or should I say Mr. Wimpress and Mr. Pope) talking about Oggcamp on the Linux Unplugged. You guys were using the term: “riding shotgun” – now that’s something we understand in these here parts. –Enrique Southwest USA

  3. this works with zsh as well and if hit repeatedly will iterate last arguments going back through history.

  4. GeorgeCh says:

    I think i should suggest two podcasts i like. The first is called “the message”. It’s a small theatrical series funded by General Electric and it’s science fiction. The second one is StarTalk with Neil deGrass Tyson. Science podcast with interesting interviews.