It’s Episode Thirty-six of Season Eight of the Ubuntu Podcast! With Mark Johnson, Laura Cowen, Martin Wimpress, and Alan Pope are still in Liverpool at OggCamp 2015 looking at each other whilst recording the show!

In this week’s show: * We talk about OggCamp 2015. And we totally run out of time to say how awesome the social events were too! * We go over your feedback. * We chat about Ubuntu convergence:

playing with KDE Connect, and presenting at OggCamp for the first time ever:

That’s all for this week, please send your comments and suggestions to: [email protected]
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3 Comments » for S08E36 – Khan the Con
  1. chaymard says:


    as you were talking about OggCamp and mentioned how it is a conference where talks are not the be all and end all – you should really go to 32C3 in Hamburg in between Christmas and New Year’s, for which this is also true, but on a much larger scale than Oggcamp.
    There are many ‘assemblies’ organising workshops or creating meeting spaces focused on a wide range of topics, and a lot of artsy and partying installations.

  2. Niko says:

    Thanks for the answer on the cloudfront thing. I tried again and indeed now is the download address as expected. And yes it was Ubuntu Mate 15.10 that I was downloading.
    Still a bit confused about the virus thing (I’m not making it up: just google ‘’ or ‘ virus’ to see what sort of confusing results come up). According to wikipedia “Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery network (CDN) offered by Amazon Web Services.” But it seems that this virus that is called “” actually has nothing to do with Cloudfront, other than once installed it shows some bad content that is hosted thru cloudfront, or something like that… But it is really confusing in my opinion. I don’t understand why amazon isn’t doing something to clear the confusion as this makes them look bad although they are not doing anything wrong. But since this really has nothing to do with Ubuntu, maybe this is not the place to discuss this matter more that this. More suitable topic for some “Amazon podcast” out there?

  3. Will says:

    Basically every Indian restaurant I have been to in the US has had papadum, usually served for free at the beginning of a meal. I haven’t seen it in a US grocery store, but I also haven’t looked for it.