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10 Comments » for S09E20 – Dad’s Old Bits
  1. Dell Green says:

    my kids use 32 bit ubuntu, and i have some 32 bit mac minis running ubuntu server 32 bit as jenkins slaves at work for 32 bit builds of our software. Planning to upgrade and use kvm to virtualize 32 bit Linux builds. Intend to use 32 bit mac minis with Linux at home as router/dns/proxy etc.

    I think its a little premature to be ditching 32 bit support as this is one of Linux selling points above other operating systems.

    Am typing this on my Ubuntu tablet by the way.

  2. Dell Green says:

    Also where does this leave ubuntu mate on raspberry pi?

  3. ARMv7 aarch32 is not affected.

  4. Esteban says:

    I agree with Dell Green. I have three 32bit rigs. On another point – is 16.04 safe to install. A person on a Linux podcast here in the States says that 16.04 has network and wifi glitches. Is this true? Or as you Brits say: Is this rubbish?

  5. ONLYme says:

    Which podcast and episode ???

  6. Dell Green says:

    I had lots of problems initially with 16.04 Ubuntu desktop, is seems to of settled down for me after various updates. On Ubuntu Server 16.04 I have just installed 10 instances each running kvm with a virtualized instance of Ubuntu server 16.04 on it (so 20 instance) as jenkins slaves, and I can say that its rock solid so far, (although I would expect the server version to be).

  7. Dell Green says:

    cool many thanks

  8. Will says:

    Thanks! I was wondering about this as well. I guess the pi falls under the “armhf” category here:

  9. Esteban says:

    Thanks Dell Green for your observations. I will go ahead and update to 16.04

  10. Will says:

    (My only point being that armhf is listed separately from i386. Looking at the repos used by Ubuntu Mate, I see that the pi does use armhf).