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3 Comments » for S09E23 – German Sparkle Party
  1. Alistair Grant says:

    It’s great to hear all the positive talk about the Meizu Pro 5, and
    since my old Samsung Galaxy SII just died, I’m in the market for a new

    Unfortunately the Pro 5 on shows
    “sold out”.

    Does anyone know how long it is typically “sold out” before it becomes
    available again, or is there another way to order the phone (in the
    Czech Republic)?

  2. Will says:

    Between Let’s Encrypt making it easy to get a certificate and Google and others developing the latest compression algorithms and other performance enhancements only for https (so https actually loads faster than http), I can’t see much reason to use http now.

  3. There are still (probably a fairly small minority in 1st world countries but bigger in 3rd-world) devices that cannot do https securely, or sometimes, even at all.

    The other side of secure web service use, as discussed on the show, is that the data in transit is only one part of the security/privacy challenge and your computer still needs to do a dns lookup to find the host’s IP address. Most of Joe Public sees the https padlock (or whatever) icon and thinks everything’s fine and dandy and isn’t getting as much protection as they think.