It’s Episode Thirty-Two of Season-Nine of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan Pope, Mark Johnson and Martin Wimpress are here again.

The three amigos are back, but we are missing our amiga!

In this week’s show:

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2 Comments » for S09E32 – Ryan’s Temporary Insanity
  1. Daniel says:

    The g402 mouse is also capable of remembering macro functions in its own memory. I have the “g8” button still binded to “ctrl+w” from a previous Windows install which is the best shortcut in the universe. Unfortunately, not enough people are complaining to Logitech so Linux uses will need access to the Windows or Mac utility software to setup their macro’s beforehand.

    @Martin: please don’t let pull request #605 on Caja die. I’m sure $15 (getting to be £15 soon probably) mice can be sent to developers for testing. Help us Martin, you’re our only hope.


  2. enkerli says:

    When you asked about Raspberry Pi projects, sent it to members. But people are so busy with their #RasPi projects that they haven’t answered. Making a catapult-based sensor-savvy “egg” to do physics experiments, helping Cameroonian schools appropriate the platform, and teaching people to code through robotics.

    One of my uses is as a server to create Open Educational Resources through Pressbooks, a book creation platform built on WordPress. Also used it to do presentations in Reveal.js using the Skywriter HAT to switch slides. (Those do qualify as educational uses.)
    Not to mention multiple musical projects with Sonic Pi and others.

    Also got to try diverse distros, including the one which shouldn’t be named and which now runs my old Mac mini to great effect.

    As always, thanks for an entertaining show. Although, it’s really too bad Laura can’t be there, for the time being. Guests provide something but guest co-hosts would help more.

    Can’t think of pointlessly mean stuff to say, sorry.

    Ok, stopping now so this won’t become an essay.