It’s Episode Thirty-Three of Season-Nine of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan Pope, Mark Johnson, Martin Wimpress and Emma Marshall are connected and speaking to your brain.

We are four once more!

In this week’s show:

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2 Comments » for S09E33 – Emma’s Clown Car
  1. dshimer says:

    Every time somebody steps back it is a bit sad. Not sure what the future holds for Laura on the Ubuntu Podcast but at least for now she will be missed. That said Emma is a wonderful addition. The show is a highlight of my week and always has the feel of sitting down to a cup of tea with friends and she seems to fit the relaxed and light hearted flow very nicely. Well done, and thanks to all for being here.

  2. nadrimajstor says:

    I do see your point on review-for-a-free-product but it also restrict Matthew Garrett’s free security/privacy audits of IoT devices (example ) He does have Patron page for donations but I fear pricey gadgets will miss opportunity of being flagged as a more-powerful-node-of-some-future-DDoS-botnet.