This week we’ve been protecting our privacy with LineageOS and playing Rust. Telegram get fined, your cloud is being used to mine BitCoin, Google announces a new privacy focused product tier, North Korea hacks a UK TV studio, a new fully branded attack vector is unveiled and Purism reach their funding goal for the Librem 5.

It’s Season Ten Episode Thirty-Three of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan Pope, Mark Johnson and Martin Wimpress are connected and speaking to your brain.

In this week’s show:

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4 Comments » for S10E33 – Aggressive Judicious Frame
  1. Will says:

    Martin happened to mention Gargoyle some time ago when I was looking into using dd-wrt or OpenWrt and that was enough for me to go with it as a user-friendly version of OpenWrt. I have been using the stable branch because my needs are modest. This Krack vulnerability has made realize though that the stable branch might be a little too stable. It hasn’t been updated in two years. Haver there really been no security issues to patch over that time?

    How do you manage your Gargoyle installation? Do you use the stable branch or the experiment branch? Do you fiddle with it outside of the web admin interface? I saw some discussion in the forum that the experimental branch was really as stable as the stable branch.

  2. Mats says:

    Take a look at the project, most OpenWRT developer have forked of to that project.
    And they have a 17’n release so I recommend it since it is developing and continuing to move forward in contrast to dd-wrt, gargoyle, tomato and other wrt forks..

  3. Will says:

    A follow up: Gargoyle has just released a new stable version:

    So in this case at least there is a stable update with security fixes, but I am still curious about how you feel about Gargoyle’s updates.

  4. Will says:

    Well, Gargoyle has a new release out now. They had an unstable release earlier in the year as well. From what I have read, the LEDE/OpenWrt issues have been resolved and the two sides are working on merging back together. Gargoyle describes itself as a web interface to OpenWrt, not a fork. In the release notes of the new release, the developers say they are working on migrating to LEDE. The thing I wonder about is if I miss important security updates by using stable Gargoyle rather than using OpenWrt/LEDE directly.