BitFolk – No-nonse VPS hosting

BitFolk started out as a hobby VPS hosting project in mid-2005 under the name of By early 2007, the growing number of customers and size of the operation prompted a move to a more professional setup, and BitFolk was born. The core principles, however, remain the same – providing low-cost, powerful systems for technically experienced users. BitFolk’s technical staff have over 10 years of professional experience in Internet hosting and the Internet service provider industry.

Joe Ressington

Pro podcasting production services

Joe Ressington has been producing, hosting, editing, and publishing podcasts for nearly a decade. Almost all of the shows Joe has hosted and edited have involved working remotely with people all over the world.

You can listen to his current active podcasts Late Night Linux, Linux Matters, and 2.5 Admins or you learn a little bit more about Joe here.

If you want to start a podcast or need help producing or editing an existing podcast, get in touch to discuss rates. Joe also offers consultancy for equipment and techniques for switching your podcast to a remote setup.