It’s Episode Thirteen of Season Eight of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan Pope, Mark Johnson and guest presenter Joe Ressington are connected and speaking to your brain.

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  1. Adrian says:


    For the Ubuntu Community Council to be meaningful it shouldn’t be for UCC and/or Canonical to decide who Kubuntu chose to represent them. The worst possible behaviour in this case is to prevent Kubutu’s chosen representative (Jonathon) from representing Kubuntu at the UCC. Whether Jonathon represents Kubuntu or not is a decision for Kubuntu not the UCC and/or Canonical.

    The action of UCC/Canonical (to bar Kubuntu’s choosen representative) is damaging to Ubuntu.

    For Kubuntu to accept this dictate would be damaging to Kubuntu.

    If Kubuntu comply it would only be seen as a weaker party being coerced by a more powerful party. So if UCC/Canonical get their way they will also be the loser.

    It could also be that Jonathon Ridell decides to “voluntarily” step down but this will only be seen as UCC/Canonical getting their way.

    Unless, UCC/Ubuntu can find some way to recognise Kunbutu’s chosen representative then the best option would be for Kubuntu to turn away from Ubuntu and instead engage with Debian.

    A community by definition includes different and difficult people but becomes a club when those who are different and or difficult are excluded.

    Kind regards,


  2. “willfully mistunderstanding” I have no idea what they want me to step down from, if the kubuntu community see me in a leadership position there is nothing I can do about that. they should learn how to manage community rather than bully them.

    I make no apology for continuing to ask questions, if they want that to stop they should deal with the issues.

    The UCC are empowered to deal with issues in the Ubuntu community and collecting donations on behalf of Ubuntu flavours is an issue with the community.

    “if you were working and some team publically posted on a mailing list that you suck” weirdly rather than discuss it with the Kubuntu council or me they tired of sending me bulling comments and just told/”requested” me to step down. When that didn’t work they continued not to discuss it and put it on the fridge as a pr article. It’s an astonishing failure of community management or human decency.

  3. Mark says:

    (We normally wait and discuss comments left here on the show, but given that the episode we discuss this wont be released for another 2 weeks, I think it’s appropriate that I respond here).

    My reading of the situation did seem to suggest wilful misunderstanding. However from your response I accept that’s not the case, and I apologise for the accusation.

    The point that I was trying to get at, was that if someone takes it upon themselves to ask questions of a governing body such as the UCC on behalf of a subsection of the community such as Kubuntu, that is in itself a leadership act, and puts you in a de facto position of leadership, even if you aren’t officially “the leader” or holder of a particular position in the project.

    I believe that this de facto position is what the UCC are asking you to step away from, not because they don’t want the questions to be asked (they’ve said several times they think the questions in this case are important), but because they feel the manner in which you have pursued them isn’t in keeping with the Code of Conduct.

    Obviously whether they’re right or not, or whether they’ve gone about it in the right way is a discussion that will go on, but I hope that makes my point more clearly.

  4. I don’t think they’ve every said anything about the code of conduct. Which is strange and suggests they don’t think I have, since the CoC is the rules we are to play by they are wanting me to shut up even when I have done nothing wrong according to their own rules. They need to learn to play by their own rules.

  5. Adrian says:


    I understand that Jonathan Ridell has decided to stand down as the Kubuntu representative on the UCC. This feels very much like an arrangement between two business corporations (Blue Systems and Canonical). It seems reasonably clear tom me that the communities involved (the Ubuntu and Kubuntu communities) are very much second class citizens in all this.

    I have never been concerned about the wayland/mir or gnome/unity type disputes that seemed to agitate so many; my view being “the more; the merrier.” However, I have always been concerned about the way Ubuntu was manoeuvring on licensing matters regarding contribution and on copyright (issues that, I understand, Jonathan was also concerned about). And now I am concerned about the callous treatment of an individual who just spoke his mind about matters that (with good reason) he had concerns about.

    The treatment of this individual (Jonathan Ridell) was completely scurrilous. Not only were the alleged complaints against Jonathan not dealt with under Ubuntu’s code of conduct but his character was traduced over the whole internet.

    Jonathan Ridell has contributed to open source for many, many years he did not deserve to be treated in this way.

    Kind regards,


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