It’s Episode Twenty-two of Season Eight of the Ubuntu Podcast! Mark Johnson, Laura Cowen, Martin Wimpress, and Alan Pope are all together again!

In this week’s show:

  • We go through the the results of what happened when Laura asked what you wanted testing on the Ubuntu Phone…

You can see what’s in the Ubuntu Store on this unofficial website if you’re curious.

Laura refused to touch anything that required fiddling with a terminal (it took long enough to test all this as it was!) but here’s the answer to how to sync your contacts without Google for now.

  • We go over your feedback.
  • We have a command line love, Facebook pathpicker sent in by Stuart Ward.
  • We chat about going on holiday to Portugal, getting a talk accepted at DevRelCon 2015, playing with the Xposed Framework, and doing jury service.

That’s all for this week, please send your comments and suggestions to: [email protected]
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4 Comments » for S08E22 – Daniel the Wizard
  1. Mr Tom says:

    Hi all,

    Great show, as always.

    I hate being one to complain about this sort of thing but sometimes I find the speech is not loud enough compared to the music between segments. I have to turn the volume up on my audio player and master volume both to 100% and still barely hear you through headphones in a quiet office.

    I’m not overly familiar with audio editing but would it be possible to run the speech through a dynamic range compression step to normalise the volume a bit?


  2. Laura says:

    You’re not the only one to complain. 🙂 The problem (I think) was that I over-compressed it. I included the music in the compression when I shouldn’t have so it brought the music up too much. Hopefully will be better next episode. –Laura

  3. Mr Tom says:

    That would explain it. I should add that the audio is normally very good! 🙂

  4. David says:

    Great podcast. Would you list the apps you mentioned? Especially the one that allows a person to read Kindle books on the Ubuntu phone? I did not catch the name you said. Please also a URL for it.