It’s Episode Thirty-two of Season Eight of the Ubuntu Podcast! With Mark Johnson, Laura Cowen, Martin Wimpress, and Alan Pope!

In this week’s show:

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3 Comments » for S08E32 – United Passions
  1. nadrimajstor says:

    Karen Sandler and Bradley M. Kuhn have a “Free as in Freedom” podcast Having in mind that main topics are legal an policy it is surprisingly not so boring (at least to me).

  2. David says:

    For a good tech podcast, I would recommend Security Now at with Steve Gibson.

  3. Ken Fallon says:

    Hi All,

    Dann Washko from the Linux Link Podcast ( maintains a list of current linux podcasts over at

    Hacker Public Radio also has an ongoing series of Podcast recommendations

    If any of your listeners are interested in becoming a podcaster themselves, then they are more than welcome to record their own podcast recommendations and post it on Hacker Public Radio.