It’s Episode Twenty-Seven of Season Nine of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan Pope, Mark Johnson, Laura Cowen and Martin Wimpress are connected and speaking to your brain.

We’re here again!

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3 Comments » for S09E27 – Bit O’ Posh
  1. not_Martin says:

    Hopefully this comment finds its way to Martin…per the Razor keyboard patches, I would also recommend implementing the fix on mice with side back/forward buttons and having them fully functional with caja’s abilities. These are not expensive mice (starting at 30 quid even), and I’m honestly surprised at the amount of people using only 2 button mice.

    Please test the pull request ( ) or implement the changes, the navigation in caja is really hampered by semi-unusable back/forward buttons. I use gThumb over the user image viewers in MATE, the scrolling function is perfect here — default scrolling scrolls between images (fastly, which is good) and “crtl+scroll” zooms in/out when focused on an image (the zoom function could be a bit finer but all’s well.) I bring up gThumb because here’s another instance where “back/forward” could be implemented on the mouse to browse images 1 at a time by pressing back or forward on the mouse. This was default behavior on windows (although scrolling through images is the superior method of browsing images.)………………..Thank you.

  2. Will says:

    If you look into the GNOME Weather issue, you will find that NOAA had announced the end of life for the API in question over five years ago. Also, apparently the issue caused GNOME Weather not to work even for non-US users who did not use the NOAA data.

    I am surprised that Martin thought Firefox took to long to add DRM to the Linux version. They added it for the Windows version a long time ago. I’m just glad Linux wasn’t totally forgotten. Do you have any sense of how much Mozilla values its non-Windows, non-MacOS user base?

  3. lucasrangit says:

    @marxjohnson, your comment about Bash lacking data table support got me curious. I was able to find a solution to your example and found that with sort you can use the switch -k to select a “column” in a file to sort by. For example, cat name_age.txt | sort -k2 -n. See for more information. Does this satisfy your requirements?