This week we have been writing Bash scripts and using Code page 437. We bring you our predictions for 2019 and also our listener predictions for 2019, plus a command line lurve and all your feedback.

It’s Season 11 Episode 42 of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan Pope, Mark Johnson and Martin Wimpress are connected and speaking to your brain.

In this week’s show:

  • We discuss what we’ve been up to recently:
    • Martin been writing a lot of Bash and getting reaquainted with Code page 437.
  • We present our predictions for 2019.

Alan (10 points each)

  • Elon Musk will continue to stay stupid stuff on Twitter. Something will trigger his removal from either Boring Company, Tesla or SpaceX.
  • A significant size vendor (not Google), will make a viable Android competitor to iPad.
  • A new Raspberry Pi will be released which has a completely different form-factor to the existing models.

Mark (15 points each)

  • ~50% of Steam games will be whitelisted to play via Proton. Perhaps 2% Linux market share.
  • A Facebook executive will be prosecuted by a government.

Martin (7.5 points each)

  • AMD graphics cards will outperform nvidia RTX with Radeon Rays.
  • The first device running Google’s Fuscia will come to market.
  • A Steam games console powered by Steam OS will be released and officially endorsed by Valve.
  • Microsoft release another significant, established, desktop application for Linux.

Listener predictions via Telegram

  • McPhail
    • Canonical will be bought by… Sports Direct – (just think of the merchandising possibilities)
    • Repeating my failed prediction of last year and say that snaps will run natively on the WSL.
  • Raymond Larabe Jr
    • I predict that Martin will have a new nvidia 20 series GPU running on another NUC by June.
  • Sergio Schvezov
    • I think either MS Office or a major Abobe product will be offered as a snap.
  • Diddledan
    • Linus will throw in the towel after yet another incident involving abbrasive behaviour resulting in a gamergate like attack on Linux.

Listener predections via email

  • Paul Waring
    • A triple-A game title will be released with Linux supported from day one, as opposed to being ported years later by a company like Feral.
    • Mark Shuttleworth will sell off a significant stake in Canonical to a third party.
    • Another large company (IBM?) will launch a public cloud offering to compete with Google Cloud, AWS and Azure.
  • Andreas Abendroth
    • Canonical buys Microsoft.
    • Microsoft extends the time for support of Windows 7.
  • Torin Doyle
    • Either Void Linux or Solus will shutdown sometime next year.
    • Canonical will be bought out by Microsoft 🙁
    • Bitcoin will increase greatly in value.

Listener predections via Mastodon and our website

  • Denderix
    • Alan buys another ThinkPad and Martin releases a custom iso of Ubuntu MATE for a new model of mobile NUC built to be a mobile device with an embedded screen. Mark builds a “Two Point Hospital” theme park that is wildly successful, but is quickly shut down because all of the baths leak.
  • Elio

    • elementary OS Juno will have 200 or more curated apps in its appcenter (currently at about 89).
    • RStudio will be released as a snap.
  • We share a Command Line Lurve:
sudo pm-is-supported --suspend
echo $?
sudo pm-suspend
  • And we go over all your amazing feedback – thanks for sending it – please keep sending it!

  • Image credit: Rob Bye

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2 Comments » for S11E42 – 42 Habits for Minimalism
  1. Glady says:

    Thanks for another great year of the Ubuntu podcast! And many thanks for the extra information on 32 bit options. I will explore them.
    Have a relaxing time off.
    Love the show!

  2. Torin Doyle says:

    Hi guys. My prediction message was actually via your website and not by email as ye have posted above. Cheers.