This week we’ve been making podcasts and porting games to Scratch. We discuss Mint breaking Chromium, possible new features in Groovy Gorilla, GNOME defeating a patent troll, ZFS on Ubuntu, microk8s coming to Windows and macOS and Lenovo shipping Ubuntu or more laptops and workstations. We also round up some of our favourite stories from the tech world.

It’s Season 13 Episode 11 of the Ubuntu Podcast! Mark Johnson, Martin Wimpress and Joe Ressington are connected and speaking to your brain.

In this week’s show:

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  1. The story behind the CnC source code is a couple of months ago a modder asked if the code could be released to help the modding scene on the remastered release. What they released is the libraries that contain the game logic for each game which is largely the original code from the 90s, just modified to plug into the developers new engine. They released it as GPL so it would be compatible with existing open CnC projects like OpenRA.

    Link to the announcement on Reddit: