This week we’ve been filling in forms and doing kitchen renovations. We discuss popularity contest being removed from Ubuntu, 19.10 going EOL, KDEs cross-platform storefront and Linux adopting inclusive language. We also round up our picks from the wider tech news and share an event; remember those!

It’s Season 13 Episode 17 of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan Pope, Mark Johnson and Martin Wimpress are connected and speaking to your brain.

In this week’s show:

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2 Comments » for S13E17 – Knitting outside
  1. Torin Doyle says:

    The ‘Inclusive Language’ carry on is just silly. It’s more looking for racism where there isn’t any. The world is going PC mad more and more each day. What’s next? Banning/burning books? I wish people would be more rational and think more with their head over their heart.

    Martin, how are the terms inappropriate? You will always have whiners that’ll find offence at something – the issue is with them.

    Should the word black box in airplanes be banned? /s
    How about banning the great sitcom, Black Books? /s

  2. Scott Randby says:

    Yes, using Evince to fill out a PDF form is clunky. My method is to annotate a PDF using Xournal++ and export the finished version to a PDF when I’m finished. With Xournal++, one can control text size and location completely, and making editing changes is easy.