This week we’ve been making operating systems for the Raspberry Pi 4. We discuss our favourite gadgets, bring you a verrrry long command line love and round up all your wonderful feedback.

It’s Season 13 Episode 18 of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan Pope, Mark Johnson and Martin Wimpress are connected and speaking to your brain.

In this week’s show:

lsblk -bdno NAME,SIZE | grep -v loop | while read dev size; do model=$(</sys/block/$dev/device/model); hours=$(sudo smartctl -a /dev/${dev} | awk '/Power_On_Hours/ { gsub(/h.*/, "", $10); print $10 }'); years=$(bc <<< "scale=2; $hours / 24 / 365.25"); size_tib=$(bc <<< "scale=4; $size / 1024 / 1024 / 1024 / 1024"); printf "%s %6d hours (%5.2f years) %.2fTiB %s\n" $dev $hours $years $size_tib "$model"; done | sort -rnk 2

sdd  50346 hours ( 5.74 years) 2.73TiB TOSHIBA DT01ACA3
sdc  50346 hours ( 5.74 years) 2.73TiB TOSHIBA DT01ACA3
sda  50345 hours ( 5.74 years) 2.73TiB TOSHIBA DT01ACA3
sdb  50062 hours ( 5.71 years) 2.73TiB TOSHIBA DT01ACA3
sde  48991 hours ( 5.58 years) 0.23TiB VB0250EAVER

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  1. Torin Doyle says:

    Lidl is pronounced like ‘Lee-dl’.

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