This week we’ve become addicted to Sedna SSD to PCIe controller cards. We discuss why distro hoppers are the worst, bring you some GUI love and round up our listener feedback.

It’s Season 12 Episode 32 of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan Pope, Mark Johnson and Martin Wimpress are connected and speaking to your brain.

In this week’s show:

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1 Comment » for S12E32 – Dungeon Keeper
  1. Dennis Shimer says:

    It could just be me but, I don’t think you guys realize to what extent us “just a user”s out here in podcast land consider the likes of you all tech rockstars almost heroes. Sure I realize that you are just regular guys, but as a daily user since 8.04 and following your rise to fame you seem on another level to me. That said when I listen to something like Martin “discovering” gnome-clocks it really strikes a chord. Even those most accomplished among us Linux users just enjoy the same kinds of things. A clean, efficient, safe, usable, useful, elegant tool created by someone who really cares. Think of how many of your favorite distros or programs fit that description. Kudos to the countless non-celebrities who labor in love behind the scenes to give us what we enjoy so much.

    ps. Not a single distro hop or nuke and pave since 8.04.

    pps. As a listener since episode 1 I miss every host as they move on. Best of luck to Mark but I know there is someone out there that will continue the unique flavor that makes The Ubuntu Podcast so special.