This week we have been writing a computer game. We take the tiling window manager challenge and discuss our experiences, bring you some command line love and go over all your wonderful feedback.

It’s Season 13 Episode 28 of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan Pope, Mark Johnson and Martin Wimpress are connected and speaking to your brain.

In this week’s show:

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  1. Torin Doyle says:

    Hi guys. I tried tiling window manages such as ‘awesome’ in the past but I’ve never really taken to them. I love the MATE & Xfce DE’s. I use sometimes use side-by-side and quarter tiling in them and on MATE (on my main PC) – I often use the built-in tiling hotkeys: e.g. hit ‘Mod4+6’ to Tile window to right side, etc. 🙂

  2. D L says:

    I found out that YouTube now supports Picture-in-Picture mode on Linux, if you’re using Firefox 81.
    Also, I recently installed antiX Linux (based on Debian!), which is a very lightweight distro that only takes up about 91MB of RAM when idle with no apps open, on my 15 year old HP Pavilion dv1000 (specific model: dv1240us) that I’ve taken apart many times thanks to the official HP repair manual for it and saved the computer a bunch of times. I usually keep it connected to ethernet, and sometimes browse the web on it with Pale Moon and Firefox. I’ve got plenty of Linux computers, including a ASUS Chromebox CN60 that I flashed coreboot on since I had no worry about it having a lot of my family’s stuff on it, since everything was backed up and I had permission from the rest of the family to flash it with Coreboot and install Ubuntu Linux on it.

  3. D L says:

    Also, I forgot to mention that I got the HP for $5 dollars at a local thrift store, had to buy a charger, and upgraded ram to 1.5GB later on.
    Also, I forgot to mention my Dell desktop PC that I got from a local Goodwill Goodbytes for $35, and I just had to install a hard drive in it, installed Linux on it, and now it works well for playing games and browsing the web, but I’m thinking about upgrading that a lot.
    And the final computer: My laptop that I’m typing this on right now, which is a ASUS VivoBook E12 E203NAS-YS03 – I dual boot Win10Pro (switched out of S mode and got Pro on this low end laptop) and Ubuntu Linux. I currently have about 30 tabs open in Firefox on Ubuntu with only an Intel Celeron N3350, 4GB RAM, and 64GB eMMC. I’m happy with all of my PCs.